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Thomas is a professor who teaches semiotics, the study of symbols. His charm helps him win over Emily, but his pretentious behavior drives her away causing her to give him a symbol of her own.


Season 1

Thomas is briefly seen as the professor of semiotics whose brilliant mind and knowledge of history helps him charm Emily Cooper, who is sitting at the table next to him at Café de Flore. Their physical relationship progresses into a double date with Camille and Gabriel, leading Gabriel to warn Emily of his snobbish attitude and that she can do better. She realizes his snobbish persona when he disses Swan Lake along with Pierre Cadault, then calling her simple-minded. She ends things with him and gives him the middle finger before walking away from him.


Thomas fronts as a charming, intellectual, seductive man who stands out from the crowd due to his disliking of whatever society is fawning over. Beneath his charm, lies an arrogant, self-righteous, pretentious person who just doesn't like to like anything.


  • Thomas is the first fling that Emily has in Paris.
  • Thomas and Emily first meet at Cafe de Flore.
  • Mindy joked that Thomas was Emily's "hot new male accessory".
  • Thomas refused to shower after spending the night with Emily because he wanted a reminder of her.
  • Thomas loves Spanish wine.


Season 1




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