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Chez Lavaux  en.  At Lavaux's ), formerly known as Les Deux Compères Restaurant Bar a Vins  en.  The Two Friends Restaurant Wine Bar ), is a restaurant and bar located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France. It is adorned by the locals who frequent the restaurant for the infamous food. The restaurant is currently owned by Gabriel after Antoine Lambert invested in the restaurant.


Season 1

In Masculin Féminin, Emily brings her friends Mindy to Les Deux Compères, noting that she walks past the restaurant every day and it is also busy. As they eat, Emily notices that her steak is still rare and wants to send it back but the waiter informs her that the chef claims it's perfect and refuses to cook it further. Emily presses the issue until she sees that the chef is her downstairs neighbor, Gabriel. He insists she tries the meat before she sends it back, promising to burn it if she doesn't like it. She enjoys it more than she thought she would and is satisfied with the meal overall.

In A Kiss is Just a Kiss, Emily calls Gabriel forty-five minutes before Les Deux Compères closes, asking if he can seat them now. He manages to make it work and cooks a marvelous dinner for Savoir executive Sylvie Grateau, famous perfumers Antoine Lambert, successful hotel chain owner Randy Zimmer, along with Emily, Julien, and Luc. The group is pleased with the dinner with Antoine and Randy complimenting Gabriel on his skills.

Season 2

The restaurant is renamed to Chez Lavaux, in reference to Antoine's company Maison Lavaux.

Gabriel's tripe à la normande

At the tasting dinner in Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?, Antoine explains that the restaurant will undergo a complete renovation. There will be much of a bar scene, but they will still serve refined cuisine. In the kitchen, Antoine reminds Gabriel not to cook any dishes from Normandy, but Gabriel wants to pay homage to his roots, so he serves a Norman dish (tripe cooked with apple cider) anyway. Antoine enjoys the dish and realizes that Gabriel was right.



Notes and Trivia

  • "Les Deux Compères" means "the two friends" or "the two accomplices".
  • One glass of house red wine costs $5.87 in USD.[2]
  • One bottle of wine, regardless of it being red or white, costs $28.18 in USD.[2]
  • One bottle of champagne costs $58.70 in USD.[2]
  • The French word for "wine bar" is "bar à vins", however, the producers omitted the grave accent on the "a" when designing the exterior of the restaurant.
  • In real life, Les Deux Compères is an Italian bistro named Terra Nera. The restaurant rolled out a new dish named "Tagliata di manzo Emily" as a tribute to the show. It is a sliced beef tenderloin served with arugula, parmesan cheese shavings and Modena vinegar sauce.[3][4]
  • Gabriel wanted to rename the restaurant to Chez Gabriel.